Online Property Direct Sale
Repdai platform streamlines the traditional property purchase & sale process. Like an e-commerce web platform, it enables the property buyers and sellers to buy or sell the houses online directly:
  • The sellers can list the properties directly;
  • The buyers and sellers can schedule the visit or open-house on the property;
  • They can bargain the price and negotiate the compensation on the house inspection result, any time and any where;
  • All the legal documents can be signed online with DocuSign service;
  • The buyers and the sellers can work with their lawyers online and collaborate with the closing agent to settle the transaction of sale;
  • No worry about the complexity of traditional property sale process. An intuitive workflow will guide the buyers and the sellers to sail easily through it. You can also choose a broker agent for the full service and just watch the sale activities from beginning to the success of closing for the sale.
    Commercial Real Estate Sale In Parts
    The Block-chain technology is used on Repdai platform. Each property registered the sale on the platform is digitized into one or more no-fungible token(s) according to the Ethereum ERC721 Smart Contract standard. The token is called Digitized Asset Token (DAT). The transactions are recorded into the block-chain permanently with transparency and traceability. If the property owner chooses to sell their property as whole, the platform will issue one DAT to keep track and record the transaction. This is the case of Property Direct Sale. If the property owner chooses to sell their property in shares with higher liquidity and faster transaction, the platform will issue more than one DATs for the property owner. Then, the owner can sell the DATs in the marketplace on the platform. This is the case of Property Sale in Parts. This feature is coming soon...